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Becka Stewart

Becka Stewart, Director of Client Engagement



Becka Stewart

Director of Client Engagement

Becka Stewart is a 20-year veteran in the marketing, sales and fundraising space, began her career in the nonprofit sector in the development department at NPR affiliate WHRV, and PBS affiliate WHRO-TV, both based in Norfolk Virginia.

Becka is experienced in various senior and executive level leadership roles; she has leveraged those experiences developing and managing C-suite relationships, advocating for nonprofits needs, and becoming an expert in scaling sales organizations (as well as guiding affiliate relations to best serve the client body as a whole). A graduate of Old Dominion University, she has also completed a yearlong executive leadership program entitled “The Authentic Leader,” which focused on vertical leadership growth in leading teams and learning to grow emotional intelligence across organizations.

Known for leading in a state of advocacy for her team, partners and clients, Becka Stewart brings unprecedented passion and purpose to her new role as the Director of Client Engagement.