Soukup Strategic Solutions announces Nonprofit Jobs Board

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Keeping an organization fully staffed has become a difficult task, especially for nonprofits. It is for this reason that Soukup has created it’s free Nonprofit Jobs board to assist with any organizations dealing with the challenges that come with being understaffed. Any nonprofit can make use of this great new service for free by simply visiting the Nonprofit Jobs Listing page and filling out an “open position” form.

The form itself consists of basic information about the job such as title, salary, location, experience level required and a summary of the position and its responsibilities. Once the form is completed and reviewed, the job listing will be posted to the website.

Employers are having trouble retaining enough employees to keep up with work demands and Nonprofit organizations are facing the same crisis. At Soukup Strategic Solutions, we have the privilege of advising our community’s top leaders in the nonprofit sector. “We really want to help nonprofits in any way we can.” CEO Sheryl Soukup said. “With the job market in its current state, a lot of really impactful organizations don’t have the manpower they need.” Said Soukup. Our clients have selected us to guide them in making their organizations more effective at achieving their missions. We are proud of our strong reputation as one of our community’s most trusted resources in strategic planning, fundraising, nonprofit management, and Board development.