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Client Spotlight: Protected Harbor

Above: Sheryl attended a Protected Harbor event at the site of the men’s home. Our team provided support for planning and executing the event.

It is estimated that over 77,000 people with developmental disabilities are living with a family caregiver age 60 or over. As the general population ages, this number continues to increase. This has created a need for more homes for adults with developmental disabilities who need help caring for their basic needs. The parents of adults with developmental disabilities deserve the assurance that their children will be loved and cared for after they pass on.

Protected Harbor works to provide a solution to this growing need. The organization provides nurturing care in loving Christian-care homes offering opportunities for residents to reach their full potential in life. They encourage personal growth spiritually and emotionally. The homes provide the quality of care to meet each resident’s needs through programs such as:
• Full-time residential care
• Living skills instruction
• Vocational workshops and opportunities
• Educational and social activities

After many years of fundraising as a Board, the first home was built in 2010 and now is home to six women who have become family. Once the first home was completed and operations were running smoothly, it was time to think about the next step.

Soukup Strategic Solutions first began working with Protected Harbor in 2013 to assist with applying for a complex grant through the Florida Housing Finance Corporation (FHFC) to assist with building a second home. This home was to be leased by men with developmental disabilities.

As the grant process continued, the Board requested for the team at Soukup to provide additional support for marketing and fundraising, which remains a key focus in the scope of work to this day.

After receiving the FHFC grant and being awarded HUD funds from the Lee County Home Grant, Protected Harbor was prepared to begin construction.

Our team has witnessed firsthand the incredible progress made as the home is built. The gallery below offers just a glimpse of the development as Protected Harbor nears the end of the construction project. Our team manages the grant award and payment processes, marketing for new residents, and preparing for the dedication event.

Before the end of the summer, Protected Harbor will open the doors to a new home that will in time become a loving home to six incredible men.

For more information on Protected Harbor and its ministries, visit the website or Facebook page.