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Skyrocket Your Social Media

Anyone who has worked on growing a social media account knows that acquiring an invested audience that constantly engages with your content does not happen overnight. Having people actively engage with your posts is the key to assuring a return on your investment from your social media efforts. The number of followers and the level of engagement per post sends signals to our brain and helps decide how we perceive the organization. A recent study published in “Psychological Science; a Journal of the Association for Psychological Science,” confirmed this. People are more apt to interact with posts that have been endorsed/liked by a large amount of their peers, representing a “follow the crowd” mentality.

The easiest way to fast-track your social media’s success is to get your staff involved in a strategic way. Thousands of followers, hundreds of likes, and tens of shares can take months to achieve organically. We can speed this process up by understanding and working with each platform’s algorithm. Social media algorithms are what platforms use to decide what posts appear in users’ feeds. These algorithms form a user’s newsfeed by keeping track of the posts you regularly engage with and that get the most engagement.

The engagement given to, and time spent on your post will increase its overall engagement level. Having your staff carve out a little time to engage with your organization’s posts can increase your reach tremendously. This could mean your team engages with your social media while scrolling during their morning coffee, in the evenings relaxing, or ten minutes during the workday that you give staff to specifically engage. If done strategically, this engagement could be the missing piece that allows your platform to skyrocket! No matter how large or small your staff is, the time spent collectively on your social media can be extremely valuable.

The trick is instructing your staff on the most effective ways to interact with posts to increase your account in the algorithm. Every interaction is weighted differently in its power to boost your post, whether it be a like, comment, save, or share. For example, on Facebook and Instagram, a like will have very little impact on a post’s reach! A post with little engagement–especially a business or nonprofit’s page–will show up in very few newsfeeds.

Below are the most weighted to least weighted interactions to take within each platform:


  1. Comment (Facebook’s most weighted form of interaction is a meaningful comment.
    * PRO TIP: Commenting with four words and an emoji is most effective)
  2. Share
  3. Like: Likes are the lease weighted.


  1. Save/bookmark
  2. Meaningful comment
  3. Share with another account or to your “story”
  4. Like


  1. Retweet the post
  2. Like
  3. Comment

Share this engagement hack with your staff and look at your insights once a week to watch your platforms grow! You will see growth from enacting these practices if your staff:

  • engages using the highest weighted interactions
  • consistently participates in engagement
  • the results are tracked over time–like all good things, it takes time


Psychological Science. (2016, May 31). Social Media ‘Likes’ Impact Teens’ Brains and Behavior. Retrieved April 15, 2021, from