Client Spotlight: Wellfit Girls

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Wellfit Girls provides a unique and meaningful leadership, fitness, and empowerment program to girls grades 6-12 and beyond in Collier and Lee counties. Their comprehensive youth development model is designed to build resiliency and deepen relationships with youth through fitness and leadership training, community service, cultural immersion experiences, outdoor adventures and experiential learning opportunities. Girls can participate in these programs for as short as three weeks or as long as four years and beyond.

Each program concludes with a domestic adventure challenge that guides participants through physical, mental, and interpersonal challenges to prepare them for life’s obstacles. By the end of the program, they learn that they can accomplish anything they put their mind to. The Wellfit Girls programs inspire and empower each girl while nurturing and developing their unique, individual leadership styles. They’re building strong women to be our future leaders and they believe you can’t have transformation without tension.

Wellfit Girls Board of Directors has recently named a new Executive Director, Tracey Williams. Soukup Strategic Solutions conducted in-depth strategic planning and executive search, culminating in the hire of Williams, an experienced nonprofit leader and native of Northwest Florida. Since starting in May, she has successfully led Wellfit Girls through its summer program, consisting of a three-week leadership and personal development camp for teen girls.   

Soukup Strategic Solutions is honored to be part of the success of Wellfit Girls, helping them maximize their impact.