Launch of nonprofit podcast and nonprofit coaching program

Our Podcast and Nonprofit Coaching Program Launches!

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On November 1st, 2021, Soukup Strategic Solutions launched IMPACTability™. IMPACTability™ is a nonprofit coaching and training program to help leaders nationwide build fundraising and nonprofit management skills. In addition to the IMPACTability™ coaching program, Soukup Strategic Solutions has just released a new weekly podcast.

IMPACTability™: The Nonprofit Leaders’ Podcast offers advice to nonprofit professionals on how to solve the problems plaguing their organization with topics ranging from fundraising and marketing to strategic planning and governance. IMPACTability™: The Nonprofit Leaders’ Podcast is not only a how-to guide; it’s a compounding storybook of first-hand experiences from successful nonprofit leaders across the nation.

Shery Soukup President and Nonprofit Impact CoachThe Soukup Strategic Solutions’ team collectively holds more than 200 years of nonprofit experience and has cumulatively raised over 100 million dollars. We were founded in 2012 by the company’s president, Sheryl Soukup, with a focus on helping nonprofit organizations plan for growth.

“IMPACTability™ fills a need for specific training in several facets of the nonprofit world,” said Sheryl Soukup, President of Soukup Strategic Solutions. “Through my nearly two decades of experience in this industry, I have met many nonprofit professionals who will benefit from this program, and after years of developing IMPACTability™, we are immensely excited to have it launched.”

With IMPACTability™, nonprofit leaders can develop knowledge and new skills while connecting with other nonprofit professionals for shared learning experiences and support. Our IMPACT Coaches will carefully listen to and analyze a person’s needs, pinpointing strengths to focus on, and help participants master their desired area of expertise. Click here to learn more about working with an Impact Coach to maximize your impact and take your nonprofit career to the next level.

The new IMPACTability™ website,, is where nonprofit leaders can access the IMPACTability™ virtual coaching program now and training courses later this fall. The affiliated podcast, IMPACTability™: The Nonprofit Leaders’ Podcast, is available to download on most podcasting platforms or at